the soulcial design
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the soulcial design
the authentic plan to launch and grow your soulful business


the soulcial design helps soulful ENTREPRENEURs, like you, launch your dream biz on a budget with affordable website templates + social media strategies


the soulcial design has evolved

It started with the authentic facebook growth plan, to crafting a full experience from business strategy, website design, and engaging your ideal audience.

there are too many distractions in the online world that prevents soul driven entrepreneurs from sharing their purpose. silly elements like branding, headshots, 5000 word blog posts creates disillusions and barriers that only stalls the process of delivering your message to the world.

the beauty of the internet is that we don’t have to do it like it’s always been done, we can create new ways to attract and build a business that makes an impact without all the patriarchal bs.

my motto: keep it simple

as a new business, don’t focus on the brand style guide, focus on your message, offers, and clients. what do they need and how will you help them?

And you can begin to connect with them for as little as $288 and using free-tools.

  • domain with google - $12/year with ssl certificate

  • website with squarespace - $216/year for the business plan

  • email with convertkit - $29/month for your first 1k subscribers

  • marketing with facebook - $31 for the first month or less

  • photo design with adobe spark or canva - $0

once you make a steady income

invest in the perfect

brand designer |  creative website developer | all the other bells and whistles of your dream business

until then, i’m here to support you in any way you need


About Yazzi

my life design

from the light

  • born in l.a. to create happiness and is fueled by sunshine

  • lover of togetherness and magic

  • laughs so hard she cries

  • gemini, 4/1 manifesting generator, dog lover

  • world traveler

 linear path

  • leadership/organization 2005/6

  • supporting the launch of movies and dvd releases 2006

  • creating, developing, and implementing media strategies for cars/tourisim/services/products. spending exorbitant amounts of money and making companies rich through the use of digital media at the price of my soul. US and Australia 2007 - 2015.
    *specialties: social media | product launches | ecommerce | business strategy

 soul in retrograde

  • uncovering my authentic self 2015-current

  • amplifying the message of the soulfully driven and providing support as they create
    and implement their divine soulcial design for facebook