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hey, spiritual babe!

You gotta stop stressing about starting your online business. There’s room for you in this crazy online world, let’s simplify the tech and marketing and set up a solid foundation for your online business that makes it easy for you to share your gifts, so you can focus on what’s really important...
impacting lives and being a ripple effect of positive change!


Does this sound like you?

You have been hustling non-stop looking for programs that will help you share your message, but the truth is all they do is keep you small and make you feel like a creep money hungry grub?

There’s just one problem!

It’s not aligned with your heart, soul, or your life’s purpose.

You are trying to do it all, the website, emails, social marketing, and sales pages, but it feels like you’re drowning in tech vs helping the people you are meant to help.

When you do finally get to coach a client through their hardships you feel so alive, and you want to do everything for them, but they can't afford you long-term.

Do you sometimes wonder if you should just give up and go back to working at a desk? Not doing the work you love and you know deep in your soul you’re meant to do?

I get it because I’ve been there!

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Hey Friend!
I’m Yazzi.

I’m here to help you streamline your soulful business - simplify and do all the tech stuff - so you can

> Work Less

> Stress Less

> And do the work that changes the world!

It all started when I had taken tons of course and implemented so many “Growth” strategies and none made me feel connected to myself or my heart led business.

It was like the dream of connecting and changing lives turned into a 24/7 hustle of all the things I was doing wrong and the craving for money became insatiable.


All the resources and tools I found were not designed for women who wanted to make an impact to share their gifts. They were revisions of old entrepreneur mindsets of optimizations and sales funnels adapted for the online world. So, I got grounded and connected and realized I wanted to create that support system I wish I had to stay true to myself and still share my passions.

I went from feeling like I had no purpose and alone, to connecting with beautiful heart first entrepreneurs that absolutely changed my life! And I began to notice not only did they hate these old marketing tactics, but they also needed support figuring out the day-to-day tech that I love doing.

I’m now on a journey to connect, build, and inspire as many soulful business women so together we can change the vibration of the world.


The best part!?

You don’t need all the things those old marketing farts say you do. I truly believe if you believe in yourself, you can make an impact without spending much money at all. And I want to prove to you that SIMPLE is always Better.

And most importantly, i want to show you what’s possible for you!


Fun Facts

from the light

  • born in l.a. to create happiness and is fueled by sunshine

  • lover of togetherness and magic

  • laughs so hard she cries

  • gemini, 4/1 manifesting generator, dog lover

  • world traveler

  • an equal blend of spiritual and pragmatism

 linear path

  • leadership/organization 2005/6

  • supporting the launch of movies and dvd releases 2006

  • creating, developing, and implementing media strategies for cars/tourisim/services/products. spending exorbitant amounts of money and making companies rich through the use of digital media at the price of my soul. US and Australia 2007 - 2015.

 soul in retrograde

  • uncovering my authentic self 2015-current

  • amplifying the message of the soulfully driven women who are ready to make the world a better place.


Strategy, Marketing, User Experience, Connection, Streamline Systems, Processing Management, Ideation, Sales Pages, Ads, and a helluva lot more!!


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FB Page Growth
Product Promotion

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