How To Create A Facebook Group for Soulpreneurs

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So you want to create a Facebook group for your soul aligned business babes?? Of course you do!

If you’re still on the fence on why you should, check out this blog post. If you want a way for your members to connect via email, you’ll want to read this one over here!

Enough already, here’s a quick video tutorial to guide you through setting up your group!

Watch a quick tutorial to create a Facebook Group! #FacebookTips #FacebookGroups #SocialMedia

There you have it! I told you it was super simple!

If you can’t watch the video, here are the steps to create a Facebook Group written out for ya!

If you have a personal profile you can create a group in two steps:

Step 1. Create a group from one or two methods
Click the “create” link on the top of your Facebook Page (in the blue bar)
Go to Groups on your left sidebar and then click “create.”

Step 2. Name Your Group, add a trusted person who loves your group topic, and choose your privacy settings.


If you have a Facebook page, you can create a group from your page

Step 1. Click on the ellipsis button under your cover photo > Click Create Group

Step 2. Name your group, add yourself, and choose your privacy settings

Creating a group from your page will link your group and page together! This is good!


Want more amazing tips to start your Facebook group? Well then you’re gonna need this bad boy


download the Facebook Group roadmap

Want to start a group, but don’t know where to start? This step-by-step guide will get you started on the right foot!

Do you want to start a facebook group? What would it be about?