Facebook Posts Every Soulpreneur Should Try Once To Understand Their Ideal Client

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You’ve spent HOURS cultivating the perfect Facebook post. You’ve rearranged the words, used your good friend Thesaurus. You’ve read it outloud and in your mind about a million and one times.

You ask your bf (or girlfriend) what they think. And of course they don’t get it at all, and it deflates you a little bit, but you forge on because YOU know. Like YOU KNOW, that this is what you’re meant to say. There’s a reason that the universe gave you this download!

You give it one more glance for good luck.

Then you take a deep breath and shakily, move the cursor to the “Post” button, you carefully place your index finger on that Enter key. One more deep breath and boom, it’s LIVE! Available for all of your followers or anyone else on in the internet to see.


You did it! Another deep breath, hit refresh.

Hit refresh again.

Hit refresh again.

Concerned, you think “Did it even post to the newsfeed?”

Look at the newsfeed and hit refresh again.

Despair. Feeling Gutted.

One hour later, you want to give up ever running a business because No One is Engaging! Which leads you into an epic pitty rant that loops like it’s the #1 song on the radio and every station is playing it at the same time, 24/7. Nightmares of “Mmm-bob” are penetrating your mind.

“Why did I even think it was good enough?”

“But I did everything right? Was it really that bad?”

“So stupid. Why did I even try?”

“Why don’t people like me?”

“I give up!”

“Mmmbop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop 
Ba du, yeah-e-yeah 😭”

Sound Familiar?

First off baby boo, one post doesn’t determine if you are a successful or a failure, so definitely get your mind right before you launch into any self loathing! Especially when you're putting yourself out there!

Secondly, you need to be in your own power and then get into alignment with the algorithm, so we can flip it and reverse it so it works in our Favor!” Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup. Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup.” Do you feel me?

How to write engaging facebook posts

It’s safe to say that the internet landscape has changed. But it’s truly changed in the favor of people who want to be authentic and show up every day (even when it’s scary as all hell!) and be vulnerable! GULP! And those who choose to consistently show up and be themselves are the ones who will reap the benefits of Facebook’s latest algorithm change designed to;

“bring people closer together and build relationships”. Now more than ever the focus is firmly on engagement, with priority given to posts that “spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.”

This may seem hard, but like I noted before, it’s all about being yourself and sharing your truth without any strings attached! Let’s talk about how to do that!

The perfect Facebook post

I’m sure there has been countless research studies done to figure out what really makes the perfect posts: from headline analysis, to links vs no links, what time to post, to character count, but I’m going to tell you the secret…

Before I do, you gotta pinky swear and kiss it to not go blurting it out to everyone!


There is no such thing as a perfect Facebook post! It all depends on your energy, and your audience. The perfect combination is going to be totally unique to you!

So how do you figure it out? Well, you gotta try different posts and see what works.

Here are 13 tips to help you figure out your own personalized FB magic for your page to get you more engagement and that BFF connection.

Get Aligned

We are all energy

Remember, that we are all energy. Everything we do, everything we say, and even the things we think radiate a vibration- high, medium, low. When your vibration is high, aka when you’re feeling good, when you are speaking your truth, connected to source, the energy you are emanating is high and people LOVE that energy. They want more of it!

When you’re stuck in a loop, forcing ourselves to do and be, that energy is LOW. And people are not attracted to that, and that will leave your social media accounts lonely.

Copy + Language

Write like you talk (which is probably how your people talk)

First off, social media is social. Which means when people are having a conversation online, they are mainly typing like they talk. Speaking like your people builds that bond and trust factor that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

I’m not saying to not talk like yourself because that’s always the first line of authenticity, but I am saying to talk like you would to your best friend in real life. Instead of “Dear Maggie, today something very upsetting happened. ” you would say, “Girl! You would not believe what happened today!”

Take notice of what posts lengths are getting more traction- short, medium, or long?

I personally don’t do long posts. It’s not my jam. I don’t even read other people’s long posts. I bet it was moving, but man I got things to do! (I’m a Manfesting Generator - i’m always jumping from one place to another)

Offer valuable information

Every post should either inform, educate, or engage your audience as it relates to your offers, services, and products. And when you are in alignment with your heart and soul this is easy!! Share how and why your person needs this life change in their lives, share testimonials about how it’s helped you and your current clients. Show what’s possible!

The secret is you gotta feel good. You gotta feel like this is your purpose, because girlfriend it is! Sharing your gifts with the world is a beautiful thing. You can share it in different ways, the more ways you try, the more you learn about yourself and your ideal fans.

Include a clear call-to-action

There’s nothing wrong with giving your people some guidance! Heck i know when my mind is capped and someone tells me how to get the thing that I want, I’m thankful! So if you want someone to click the link, ask them clearly to click the link. It’s as simple as saying “click like if you agree.”

Be positive 

Facebook wants people to feel good when they’re on the platform. Sharing posts that ignite that warm fuzzy feeling will get you favored in the algorithm. Share the vision you want for your clients, the dream that they’re too scared to believe in and watch them light up and your engagement rise.

Ask a question

Can I tell you a secret? Most people on social media are just trying to waste a few minutes (or a few hours), so when you are trying to figure out what your fans want, you want to keep it as simple as possible. Showing your favorite tarot cards Red or Blue? How do you like to continue to learn Video or Book? Would you like to learn how to raise your vibration and find your soul clients? What types of meditations do you need: 💜abundance 💙calming 💛peace ❤️self love.”

Media Types

Use an image

I’m going to be honest, most of my posts are images. They are easy for me to create and my audience love to see them. Inspirational quotes, share a tip, or ask a quick question!

Use Video

But Facebook loves Video right now too. So adding video with tips, tutorials, or jsut showing up in a Facebook Live or a FB Story can really drive that connection with your audience, especially when you are real and vulnerable.

Incorporate user generated content

Sharing posts and images from your audience has two benefits. Your content is created for you which saves you time and also you followers will feel more included and appreciated by your brand.

Add a link 

Make sure you position your link as the solution to the problem you’ve spoken about, leading on from the call to action. Need more ways to share links? Read this

Get Analytical

Delve into your stats

This is something I do once a week. I look at what’ performing well: topics, inspirational quotes, questions and I continue to delve deeper to why my audience would want that.

I then break it up between the different types of media: Images, videos, links, and status updates (with and without a FB background).

What are you looking for? You’re looking for averages and posts that reach above those averages. Go to your insights > scroll down to see your posts > see more posts

Say on average your posts reach 100 people, but then on a few occasions you share a post that reaches 500 people. That’s a topic your audience wants more of! Post something similar, and see if it does well. If it does you now have some ideas of what your fans want!

Facebook Insights Page Post Performance - thesoulcialdesign.com

Try different publishing times

Look, let’s be honest everyone has a different lifestyle! Think about that when you are posting your content. Does your audience work full time? Are they still in school? Are they mama’s working from home? Part-time? Take that into consideration when you post, and test what gets the best result.

Have fun!

Seriously, have fun. If anything gets to daunting, take a break, create some space and figure out why you are trying to push yourself so hard, You’ll see that you’re just missing a little missy elliot or a good laugh. Get up and dance!

After that, test something new out. If the algorithm changes, this is the perfect time to get creative! The algorithm is only a problem when you think it’s a problem!

If you have an email list, get people on your list. If you have a group, use the Facebook Answer Extractor to get them on your list. Host a workshop! Find new ways to connect and engage so no matter what the algorithm does you are talking to your people!


Do you have any way of increasing engagement on Facebook which have worked for you?