A Super Simple Way to Grow Your Email List from Your Facebook Group

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We all know how great Facebook Groups are to connect with like-minded people, which is why they are perfect for growing your business!

But if you have a growing group, you know that Facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to add your members to your list

But Dear Facebook Group owner, you can rejoice. There’s now a tool for that! No more time consuming, slow and tedious data entry, where you add each member to your list manually!

There’s now an Easy and cost-effective way to add people to your list before you hit that approve button, and it’s called the Facebook Group Answer Extractor!

There’s a one-time setup, plus a little bit of copy paste, and one click of a button does the rest!

It’s a great tool, and I’m going to show you how to collect leads from your own Facebook Group. The best part, it was created by yours truly and shared with you at a reasonable one-time price because I know what’ it’s like to be the little guy!

You don’t need to make yourself crazy by manually adding Facebook Member request emails to your list! The Facebook Group Answer Extractor does it for you and it’s as easy as copy, paste, and click! #facebookgroup #facebook #socialmedia thesoulcialdesign.podia.com/fb-group-magic-tool

What is The Facebook Group Answer Extractor

If you have a closed Facebook Group, you have an option to ask up three questions for people requesting your group!

Which is great because it allows you to screen people before they enter to ensure they’re the right fit for your group! Yaaas Queen 👸🏽

This is the perfect place to ask people to get on your list! How?? Well, as one of your questions you can offer an exclusive incentive/lead magnet/freebie/opt-in that the member won’t get anywhere else!!

This can also be an exclusive special one time discount!

When they leave their email address, you can now add them to your list!

But there is a snag when you add members this way, and it’s 100% Facebook faults! Grrr Facebook! If you do this, you’re responsible for manually adding each member to your group. And if you asked any pertinent questions before you asked them on your email list, well you’re now doing data entry for your biz.

That’s NOT why we became online business owners, am I right!?

But now, there’s an easy, and some would say a magical tool to help you with the data entry and adding people to the list, introducing the Facebook Group Answer Extractor!

All you need to do after installing the tool to your Google Chrome Sheets is copy the people who have requested to join your group, paste the answers into a Google Sheet, and click a button!! The answers are immediately extracted from the data. Then you click one more button that extracts emails and with the help of Zapier adds them to your list!

Your autoresponder send the first email, making room for one happy engaged new member!

All for just one- yes ONE-time fee of $57. Way better than Group Funnels that is $297 and Group Convert that charges $10/month or $120 for a year and the price goes up from there. WHAT THE F.

How To Setup The Facebook Group Answer Extractor

Accessing the specialized Google Sheet

It’s actually really easy to set up! In the course, you get access to the specialized Google Sheet.

Next, go to Facebook and copy the list of members who want to join your group.

Step three, Paste the answers into this Special Google Sheet.

Step four, click THE Facebook Group Answer Extractor button and let it do its magic!

In one jaw-droppingly gorgeous and organized Google Sheet, you have all the answers and emails to the people who requested to join your group.

Why is this important? Because it will help you create AMAZING copy for your products/services, develop a strong connection with your soul clients, and builds trust that will is for sure able to seal the deal!

Adding people to your email service provider

This is by far the best part of this tool as it removes all the manual labor of adding people to your email provider.

You will need a Zapier account and of course your preferred email provider.

In my case I use ConvertKit, and I’m going to show you how to make this zap.

First, go to ConvertKit to create a sequence or a form where all of your subscribers will be filtered through. Make note of the form or sequence name.

Now go to Zapier and click the Make A Zap button

Choose the Google Sheets App

Name your Zap in the top right-hand corner

Select “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” Save & continue

Connect your Google Account - Save & Continue

Find the name of your Google Sheet (you can rename it when you get access to it)

Select the Worksheet named “Email List”

Trigger any column

Pick a sample to set up your zap - Save & Continue

Next, choose your email provider, again I use ConvertKit

Select Add Subscriber to a Sequence (i have a customized sequence for group members) if you just want to send them a free opt-in, select form and Save & Continue

Connect Your ConvertKit Account

Select the Sequence you want to add your subscriber too (i had a special one for my group members)

Next, pick the columns that correspond to the email and also the first name.

Test that the action works

Click Finish

Quick Tip

Just a quick tip! Test the process! Ask a friend to request to join the group, have them use an email from temp-mail.org. This allows you test the process from start to finish and ensure there are not any hiccups.


As I mentioned before, The Facebook Group Extractor is priced perfectly for new group owners. For just ONE, (yes, I said one) a one-time payment of $57, you instantly save hours in your work week so you can focus on engaging, educating, and informing your clients about your offers and services. Creating deep connections and proving that you’re the perfect authority in the space.

This isn't just for ONE group. You can use this for multiple Groups! As many groups as your beautiful heart desires!

Other companies like Group Funnels and Group Convert charge up to $297, charge monthly fees for access to just one group, or charge a one-time fee of $197.

That’s insane!!

As a small online business, we need tools that work at a reasonable price!

Why I Created this Affordable Time Saving Tool for Facebook Group Owners

Look, as an online business owner trying to do all the things: blogs, social media posting, training, tutorials, and more, I didn’t have the extra time or funds to buy Group Funnels.

So, I took it upon myself to tackle this one and for all and help my business besties with the same problem.

I don’t want to overprice anything, and nor do I want the little guys to be bamboozled into buying these extra fluffy courses! From one small online business owner who truly wants to create a deep connection, take inspired action, and create a ripple effect of empowering your clients!

You know the stuff that makes you feel like you're doing the damn thing!

Facebook Group owners, what would you do with an extra few hours back in your week each week?