5 Easy Tips To Get People Talking In Your Facebook Group Now

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Is your Facebook Group Dead!? You need these 5 tips to get your Facebook Group alive and talking! #FacebookGroup #FacebookGrowth #FacebookTips

Who hasn’t gotten Facebook Group High?

It’s like going to the VIP section of the Coachella after party! Everyone is dancing, having fun, laughing, smiling. There are dance circles, shots of tequila, and a laser light show worthy of the best electronic concerts.

And you know, way before the party is over, that as much as it’s going to hurt the next day, it was totally worth it! Nothing a bowl of Pho’ can’t fix, right?! Just kidding, I’m in my 30s, this will take me a full week to recover from. And let’s be honest, these days, hook me up with some sweet kundalini meditation and sage and I’ll consider this the party of a lifetime!)

That’s the same type of buzz you get when you find a Facebook group that’s totally engaged. You see people asking questions, and other members-not the group owner-answering the questions. And you think, I want this for my business. A place where people can get REAL and talk about my favorite topic!

In the moment, it just makes so much sense. Like A Beautiful Mind meets Goodwill Hunting types of clarity. “I Need a Group!”

So, you create a group, you invite your most avid Facebook Page fans, and you’re so excited you are literally bursting out of your yoga pants because it’s about to go down - FB Group Party of the century!!

But it’s like your Boo let out a huge ol’ fart and the smell cleared the room! Gah! The worst!

The thing is, you can’t just throw a an Epic Event it takes time and work to get your Facebook Group talking. And you also need to get super real-like Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself-real!

If your page is less than 500 people, remember it takes time to grow engagement. 15 people in your group is equivalent to one person at a real life party on avg it takes 30 people to start the PARTY. (500 group members is like 33 people at a #IRL party). Then factor in the small detail of NO ONE FREAKING KNOWS EACH OTHER! It’s like going to your friend’s MLM party, where everyone knows they’re going to be coaxed into buying $100 of nail stickers. #Awkward

It’s going to take time baby boo! All good things do, but it’s up to you if it’s going to take a month or a few years ;)

Now for some tips to Get your People Engaged!!

Your Facebook Group Questions are invaluable they can help you grow your engagement and your group! #Facebookgroup #facebooktips #facebookengagement

Ask them their pain points Before they join your group!

Group Questions are perfect for getting to know your people! Their pains, their struggles, their dream life if they were actually able to solve their problems. And you know what you can do with their answers? You can:

  • Use their struggles and create products that solves those problems

  • Use their words in your SALES PAGE COPY. Game changer!!

  • Plus you can use it to create content for your group!!

how to use Join request answers as content in your group

If you are a Reiki Healer, and you want to know why your people are interested in Reiki in the first freaking place, ask “How has reiki improved your life?”

Example Answers:

“Reiki helped me let go of negative emotions.”

“Reiki helped me clear my chakras.”

“Reiki helped me turn on my throat chakra, now i’m ready to be seen and heard and launch my soulful biz to connect and heal other strong confident women!”

Next, you get the answers and turn them into posts for your fb group (Bonus tip, you can repurpose these on your facebook page or other social media platforms 😲).

Accompany the Posts post with a call to action (CTA).

You create an image post that says “Reiki helped me let go of negative emotions.” You accompany this image with a status, “has reiki provided you with an emotional release too? Share your stories below!”

It’s in our human nature to share our stories, so you’re bound to get a few responses the first go around! Keep asking questions until you uncover a topic they love to talk about!

Grow your Facebook Group engagement by welcoming your new members in and asking them a real question!! #Facebookgrowth #facebookgroupengagement #facebookgrouptips

Welcome newbies into the group with a question!

More questions? What!? Yes, if it’s a party and they see everyone is getting their Soul Train minute, you betcha that they’re going to want to jump in next!

The questions can be as simple as “say hello, and tell us where you’re from!” Or you can continue to get deep and ask them what they REALLY TRULY NEED HELP WITH. Some members will spill their guts like the Kim Kardashian Divorce special.

But these will be honest and soulful answers!! And it’s going to make your inner mama bear want to cuddle them with love and advice! Take advantage of it! When you respond, those cubs will feel loved, supported and comfortable enough to stick around and contribute more.

The perfect welcome looks like
“hey everyone welcome to the group! When it comes to x, where do you need the most support?” Then you TAG everyone who just joined! Don’t forget to use a picture- it’s more likely to appear in their feed.

Grow your engagement by sharing posts from other pages and asking your people questions! #facebookgroupquestions #facebookgroupgrowth #facebookengagement TheSoulcialDesign.com

Share photos, links, and videos into the group

Don’t just share your coaching advice, don’t continue to have your Monday Motivations, Taco Tuesdays, Whine Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Flyby Fridays, Simple Saturdays, Self Care Sundays. Gah- it’s so boring and has been done more times than remakes of Cinderella! (all the films based on Cinderella).

Switch it up, share your own content and share content from other people!

Why? because people don’t just want to see you! That’s what Instagram is for! A group is a place where like-minded individuals meet. Where they can connect share ideas and thoughts. If you’re only sharing your content, it sets boundaries and limits the openness in the group.

Don’t believe me, go to your favorite groups where people are engaging and asking questions. How often is the Group owner sharing pictures of themselves? Exactly.

Sharing photos and videos of other pages is great, but adding a question to the post will grow engagement too! So if you find a post, even if it’s from an unrelated niche, you can prompt the share with,

Do you agree?

How does this make you feel when it comes to healing?

What advice would you give this person?”

I did exactly that in the photo above. I had 12 comments in just a few hours, which wasn’t common for my small Facebook Group.

Ask for advice

I said it before, but people love giving advice. It’s in our nature to be the go to person for “xyz.” They have stories and information that is on the tip of their tongue, ready to fill paragraph after paragraph of comments.

If you don’t have any questions, or you’re not sure what to ask, scope out other Groups, Book Reviews relevant to your topic, Reddit forums, Quora, and Blog posts from other people in your niche. Anywhere really! Copy the question, post it, and ask your people what advice they would give?

Get ready for your notifications to BLOW UP!

Go Live

I am admitting now that I am pretty slack on this side of biz. But show up! Show up and tell a story and how that story relates to your topic. Give them three tips they can put into action right now. Go live and dance. Because people connect when You Are Real. Show your soul, and you’ll find other people baring their own souls.

Ask them questions about their life… and care

  • What do you do for work?

  • How do you get over a bad day?

  • What’s your favorite quote?

  • Who is your favorite author?

  • What books are you reading right now?

  • Describe your day in a gif?

  • Share a pic from this weekend.

  • Show us your progress! What are you working on?

  • I could keep going, but I won’t.

Do you see, why someone would want to respond? People want to know that there’s someone at the other side of that Wifi signal. They want to connect and share their lives.

Because your future clients are real people and they are not thinking about your subject day and night. They have lives, hobbies, passions, favorite foods, morning rituals, bad habits!

Don’t be afraid to see their human side or gasp, get to know them!

And ALWAYS respond.

Like always respond, just like you’ll always be Mariah Carey’s baby. Let them know you are there. Not responding is like you inviting someone to your house, and they get to the door bringing in alll of the goodies, they come in, and you leave the house telling them you’ll be right back, when you know you won’t because you went to the movies with your friends to watch Snakes on a Plane (yes, i did that once - 24 year old me was gangster and an asshole).

You’ll lose credit and their trust. And they may leave your facebook group never to return!

Respond, say something even if it’s as simple as “i hear you. i feel you. i understand.” It will make a difference.

There you have it! All my favorite tips for growing your facebook group engagement!

Tell me! what have you done and what haven’t you done to get people talking in your group?