How A Health Coach Grew Her Facebook Page By 233% In Less Than A Month

How this Emotional Eating Health Coach grew her Facebook Page by 233% in Less than one month #healthcoach #facebooktips #facebookpagegrowth


I met Irit in Emmy Wu’s Video Visibility Mastery Group. We chatted a few times, and then one day we decided to have a Zoom chat, and soon after we began talking every single day.

She’s an emotional eating coach at Seeds of Balance. She had spent years trying to grow her page and her group, but she was convinced that FB was against her!

I never thought I would really grow on Facebook. When I met Yazzi I had so much resistance to trying because I have tried it all before!  I paid high-end coaches, joined business programs and tried all the strategies to grow outreach myself.

The truth when Yazzi first suggested to approach my audience in a different way, I gave her all the reasons why I couldn’t succeed on FB and how FB makes it impossible for small, heart-centered entrepreneurs to get exposure.

I spent years limited by FB algorithms, self-doubt, and discouragement and disappointed. I was on the verge of quitting and looking to grow my business off a social network.  


I reminded her that there are 214M users on Facebook in the US alone. And every day there are women who need to hear what she had to offer and needed her help!

Slowly, I convinced her to make small changes

  • First step was to clean up her page, which was purely about her, and made it about her audience.

  • Second step was all about targeting the right people in ads.

  • Thirdly, we began to test different messages to her ideal audience.

By the end of the third week, she told me she was barely seeing any improvement, but by the end of the fourth week it was a different story!


Yazzi is brilliant; she is highly intuitive and really understands the market.  With Yazzi’s help, I was able to grow a totally dead page with less than 300 followers to and engagement of over 550 in less than a month, grow my 0 engagement posts to having viral posts with 100s of shares and 1000’s of likes. I cannot say enough about how amazing she is and how blessed I am to have found her.  I hate marketing and I hate pushing my services and with her simple strategies, you never have to feel like you are not being genuine, a hustler or not aligned with your higher purpose.

What are you current struggles with promoting your biz on Facebook?