How To Attract Your Ideal Customer With Your Facebook Page

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Have you ever been to a party that was a complete dud? I’m talking about junior high dance, people standing awkwardly, one couple dancing, and everyone else is making small chat. Between conversations, people check their watch, as they are waiting to politely say goodbye! And then someone gets an “emergency call” and next thing you know they have to leave. Right.

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Yes! We all have, and it’s the worst!

Well, that’s exactly what it feels like when someone visits your dead FB page! But if you make these five changes to your Facebook Page, it will turn your party from terrible to a total rager! Want to know the secret?

Make Your Facebook Page about Your Ideal Client

Facebook was created to connect people based on their similarities. At its inception, people became friends because they went to the same ivy league schools. This concept has evolved to connect users with their interests-work, city, favorite sports, websites they have visited, and so much more! And we can connect with people from all over the world who like the same stuff we do. Ya-hooo!

If we are connected by interest, doesn’t it make sense to make your page about the person who loves that interest?


For the rest of this post, we’re going to focus on a made up biz called The Majestic Outdoors whose goal is to get more yogi’s to fall in love with outdoor yoga and buy their course about doing yoga outdoors.

This is what the page currently looks like. Take notice of the name, the images, and the posts.


Next, I’m going to point out the problem with each of these elements, and show you how this page can be transformed from terrible to an excellent place for outdoor yoga enthusiasts to hang out!

1) Change Your Page Name to reflect your ideal audience

What would they call themselves? A great way to brainstorm is to ask your ideal client to finish these sentences in regards to the subject or topic of your biz “I am…” “I have..” “I do…” and brainstorm with those results to make up a pointy name. The goal is to think of a name that will make any future prospects say, “that is so me!!”

Using The Majestic Outdoor, as an example, their ideal audience are people who do yoga outdoors. So they would use…

I am an Outdoor Yogi

I have Fun Doing Yoga Outside.

I live Outside doing Yoga.

Now take those phrases and continue to brainstorm…

Outdoor Yoga Lovers | Outdoor Yogis Unite | Yoga Outside Is Amazing


Do you see why a someone who does yoga outside would want to like a page called Outdoor Yoga Lovers? It’s catered to anyone who loves outdoor yoga, or who likes the idea of doing outdoor yoga and has been wanting to try it, but there’s not enough information on the web about it!

Action: Change your FB Page to a Name that reflects your ideal audience!

2) use images that blatantly describe who your biz is for or what it’s about

What if you got an invite to a party from someone you didn’t know, would you go? Not likely. What if the invite was for a 90s Rnb+Hip hop party, and some of your friends were going? Hell yes! You love 90s RnB + hip hop, and because some of your friends are going, you are definitely in!!

But if you don’t know the person, and you don’t know what type of party it is, and none of your friends are going, there’s no chance you are joining.

Yazzi, what does this have to do with Facebook?

Bare with me, I’m getting there…

When someone is scrolling their newsfeed, and they see one of your posts, it shows a smaller version of your profile image AND your page name. You only have a few seconds to capture this person’s attention.

Referring to the example above, The Majestic Outdoors (TMO) uses their logo as their profile image, which consists of mountains and a sun. Say, TMO creates a fantastic post, it’s a picture that captures the feeling of doing Yoga outside-it’s stunning, and one of their current fans, say her name is Cindy, shares this amazing photo to her newsfeed. Woohoo!

Next one of Cindy’s friend’s, Laura, who also loves outdoor yoga, likes the post! Laura is intrigued, and wonders who created this post? She looks at the page name, “The Majestic Outdoors,” and she is confused. Next, she looks at the profile image for more clarity, and she stumped.

Do you know what Laura does next? Yup, she keeps on scrolling!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This our worst nightmare, right!?

Well, think of your profile pic and page named combined, as the theme of your party, and a post someone shares as the invite, without a clear profile image and page name, you are just a creep trying to get people to a warehouse in downtown where they’re going to get killed!!


But if you use a picture of someone doing yoga outside as your profile image and combine it with a page name like Outdoor Yoga Lovers Unite, it’s so clear for Laura to think, “this page is for people who like outdoor yoga. And, look Cindy loves outdoor yoga too. And, I love outdoor yoga. This page is totally for me!”

So what do they do? They may like “Outdoor Yoga Lovers” page, or they may check out the page, and maybe they are so interested, that they go to The Majestic Outdoors website, and buy one of her courses or at the very least sign up for her newsletter.

But if you continue to use your business name and logo, Laura will probably only like the post Cindy shared and forget about TMO biz three seconds later.

This happens all the time! Don’t do this.

Action: use a profile image that is readable on mobile and reinforces your message

3. Use a cover image that reinforces who the page is for

The cover image is like playing good music at a party, it sets the tone and the vibe! So if your cover image

  • is a collage of four or more pictures

  • has tons of text that can only be read if you dedicate a full 20 seconds to it

  • or both

Blast the ska music, and tell your potential clients that the party is over. “You don’t have to go home, but I don’t want you to stay here!”

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There’s too much going on!

Your cover image should preferably be one picture or no more than three, plus have little or no text. If you choose to have text, it should be five words or less, and clearly reinforce who the page is for.

Can you see how this page is starting to become a place for people who do outdoor yoga? Both images are of people doing outdoor yoga, and the name brings it all together.


As a reminder, the rules are

  • One picture or no more than three images

  • No text or less than five words

Action: Update your cover image to one image, no text, and reinforce who your page is for

4) Post Content Your Audience Wants to See

This is where The Majestic Outdoors goes really wrong. Post after post is of the business owner’s life- eating, sleeping, laughing, and of course of them doing yoga with captions that feel a bit condescending.

In my honest opinion, it’s annoying! It’s like going to a party, and the host spends hours sharing a slideshow of their life and not allowing anyone to talk.

I get it you love your life, you eat, sleep, breathe, and love yoga, but as a potential client, I have no idea how showing pictures of your life will help me do more yoga outside. My first impression is that you are self-absorbed, so I’m OUT!

Make your content about them!!

  • Share tips about finding the best spots to do yoga outdoors

  • make inspirational photos or videos with a quote you love

  • mix the pictures and videos up, so it’s not just you doing yoga

  • share links to popular articles about yoga, meditation and any other relatable topic

  • Ask them questions about what they love about doing outdoor yoga or ask them what they did on the weekend - get to know your people

here are some great posts i’ve found about yoga!

They should be able to envision themselves living the life, and it’s hard when all you do is boast about yourself.

FYI: you can boast and share real life stories and photos, but just not every post. Try one every 6-8 posts.

Action: Use a variety of content that puts the spotlight on them and the interest that ties you all together!

5) share quality content from related pages

A great party has diversity. Diversity in personalities, music, food, drinks. Because one size doesn’t fit all. You have a mix of everything, right?

You also want diversity with content you share to your page. Please please please use content from different pages that share similar themes, or is in the same niche because #communityovercompetition!!

TMO can share from other pages that talk about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and so much more. Want to know the real bonus, you don’t have to create every post!

Share quality content from related facebook pages! use posts that have high engagement, look at the amount of reactions, shares, and comments! #thesoulcialdesign #authenticfacebookgrowth #sharingfacebookcontent

Note that the post you share

  • should have a good amount of engagement: reactions, shares and comments.

  • will not reach a lot of people, but know it will increase your pages engagement.

The most significant benefit of sharing content is that when you build relationships with other pages, and they begin to share your post on a weekly basis, your posts are now being exposed to a new audience.

If those people Like Your Original Post, you can invite them to like your page!! That’s free likes, and you are inviting engaged users to your page.

Action: Make a list of pages that are in your niche, related, or both and have a high rate of engagement on every post.

How to Grow Your Facebook Page For Free

Turnt up

The page turns into a place where yogi’s actually want to hang out!

Making the page about your audience makes it a no-brainer for your ideal client to share your content, products and services.

After a few posts of photos or videos, this owner can easily drop a link to an event. Or if they are starting their retreat company, they can ask their fans where they would love to do yoga, and do a retreat there! The audience won’t see it as invasive because it’s creating a relationship between the fans and the business owner. The business owner asked them what they wanted and the owner delivered!

Ahhhhhhhmazing! Now it’s time for you to do the same.

Is your Facebook page about your business or is it about your ideal client? What are you going to do to change it up?