How To Get More Facebook Page Likes And Grow By 1,000% In Three Months

Getting More Facebook Page Likes can be Hard!! I know it first hand from my other business, Simple Gold Life. I had been struggling with it since its inception. I wanted to connect with people who were looking to simplify their lives so they can enjoy their lives doing what they love, which in my case is travel!

How I increased my Facebook Page likes from 315 Fans to 3,500 in three months and tips to help you grow your social media #FacebookPage #FacebookGrowth #SocialMediaTips

Look, I’m going to be honest, I have a marketing background. I used to plan and spend millions of dollars for global brands, and I thought this-starting and growing my own business thing-was going to be easy. I was wrong.

Once I started to promote my biz on social media, I felt like a huge loser. The corporate hangover of sounding/acting professional lingered in my head like the day after an all night tequila binge. Every letter I typed felt like getting stabbed in the eye with a needle, my bones hurt as I made images, and most of my sentences made me want to vom!!

It’s hard to grow when I couldn’t say what I really wanted to say, talk how I really wanted to talk, and also put up images that were “trendy.” All which weren’t me.

Simple Gold Life Facebook Page #facebookpagetips #facebookpagelikes #facebookpageforbusiness

Knowing My Ideal Audience Helped me get More Facebook Likes

So, I did what any person would do… I put up my middle finger and turned off everything. I then joined a few courses and began meshing new skills with my corporate know how, which meant i had to go back to the beginning. who the hell was i trying to talk to, connect with?

I named her, I got to know her, and imagined the problems she was struggling with and how i could help her being ME! Trust me, your person-avatar, target audience, ideal client-whatever you want to call it, is one of the most critical parts of starting your business and it’s the key to authentic fb growth.

Not only did I create a page designed for her, learned exactly what she wanted, but I also learned how to put social media on auto-pilot so I could go out and have fun everyday!

Since, everything has grown. My blog, my business, my reach, my engagement.

Remember These Tips To Get More Facebook Likes

  • You don’t have to do it like everyone else

  • You don’t have to talk like anyone else

  • You have to do the damn avatar worksheets!

  • You don’t have to post selfies 3x a day (hallelujah!)

  • You can use free programs to create images and videos

  • You should share from other pages in your niche or who share a similar audience

  • You need to ask Engaging questions that your Audience wants to answer


101 Engagement prompts for Facebook

Not sure what to ask your audience? Here are 101 Prompts that your followers will love to answer!!

How implementing these simple tips grew my Facebook page

In three months, I grew my page from 20 unengaged people to 3.5k engaged fans and they are growing. People love the page and the posts, which is why I’ve had multiple viral posts, one reaching as much as 359k people! And the page is still growing, despite endless Facebook algorithm changes.

Do you struggle with being yourself on Facebook or any Social Media?