5 Ways To Increase Web Traffic To Your Website From FB

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Last night I had a dream. I was waking up from a good night’s rest, I obviously looked fabulous, perfect bouncy hair, cute pink striped PJs and rosy cheeks. I head over to my phone that I charge on the kitchen island and there are 1k notifications.

One of my blog posts went viral. I am so overjoyed, I run to Chris screaming, and he hugs me and kisses me sharing in my excitement. I’m about to call my mom, and I wake up. gah!

We all want that. We all want to wake up knowing our message has reached thousands okay millions of people. Because in our society, a "viral post" is proof that we're on the right track, that our passion will become profitable, and we can make a living in our business. (Just so you know, you don't need a viral to validate that you are amazing- because girlfriend, you already are!)

But most days we wake up and we look at our Facebook stats and not one person clicked on our links, and even worse Facebook decided to not show our wonderful blog post/product/optin to anyone.

Thanks Facebook!😒

Is Facebook killing the reach of your web links? Try these five free tips to increase your reach while not giving into soul killing strategies. #facebook #socialmedia #facebookposts

How do we change that? How can we increase our visibility on Facebook? And stay in alignment with our truth?

Although, I truly believe you being YOU is all you need, there are somethings we need to do to find flow when marketing ourselves on Facebook (or any social media platform), and in the case of links, it has to do with Web Link Authority.

Facebook will give a web page with high authority the reach we dream about and a new web page will fall flat on its face straight out of the gates! Facebook and Google do this to protect users from spammers, malware or people trying to spread fake news.

Although, I highly appreciate this sort of protection in my personal life and newsfeed, it means a lot of us soulful entrepreneurs get dinged as soon as we share a new blog post or product because as a new page, our website visits are low, bounce rate may be high, and social shares are non-existent.

But I don’t want you to Fret! There are still plenty of ways to promote yourself and gain traction with your new website on Facebook and it’s simple.

Share your truth

If you’re not sharing your truth, you are out of alignment. And when you are out of alignment, your energy changes, repelling pretty much anything and everything-particularly those clients and money!

In all aspects of your business (and life) speak from your soul. If you’re still trying to figure out what your soul is saying, experiment and notice how you feel after you post or share anything on your website or any social media platform.

If you get the warm and fuzzies, it means all systems are go, but if you have that feeling IN YOUR BODY-not in your mind- that something just doesn’t feel right, it probably means it just wasn’t right for you.

But don’t let the mind gremlins out just yet, recognize that it was out of alignment, take note of it and move on! Better yet, keep track of the things that don’t resonate with you 1000% so you can slowly begin to cultivate that sense of self that your business (and the world) so desperately need!

What makes a business successful is you, what you believe, the work you do to spread your truth, and the trust in the universe to make it happen. Don’t let reach, fans, likes, engagent, shares get in the way of you spreading your truth. Learn soulful authentic marketing at thesoulcialdesign.com #business #socialmedia #facebook

Don’t look at the numbers

Share links with the intention that your post will reach exactly who it’s meant to reach. And trust that the universe will have the right people click on it.

This is particularly important as a new Facebook page with a new website. Zero clicks today, may lead to one click tomorrow, and 10 clicks next month, and by the end of the year you are pulling in 1k. But the only way you are going to get there, is by keeping your eyes on the real prize, which is you being authentic and doing the damn thing!

Don’t let your efforts get cut down by numbers, because in the end, I’d rather have 10 clicks to something I’m super proud of by people who completely get me and my message than five million people who are NOT my soul clients.

Repost your links

Whether it’s your services, offers, email challenges, blog posts, social media platforms, groups - any link that takes someone off Facebook- repost the link once a week for four weeks

Reposting does two things. 1) it tells the universe that yes, you want to be seen, and you want people to see your work! 2) every time you post it, it gives a signal to FB that this piece of content is moving up in the authority ladder.

The more times you share the better it gets!

Want a schedule to help you with posting your links? Get the FB Content Planner.

Have fun with it!

Seriously, don’t let fatigue be apart of your energy field. Get creative, use different images, use a Giph, or promote your link with a video. It’s okay to share your light in new ways - because the only right way is sharing what is right for you!

There are so many free apps like Canva, Adobe Spark, Boomerang, Over and more that will get you thinking outside of the box and making content that inspires you and attracts the right people to your message!

Just to get you started: convert your blog post into a list post, share a quote that inspired your blog post, make a video about your blog post, do a facebook live about your blog post (like the one below) and tell a personal story!!


Connect with your inner circle

If you have a group of likeminded heart centered business besties, create a community where you share each other’s work because it feels right! And because you support each other and want to see everyone grow.

I realize, this is something I never do because I let fear and judgement hold me back. What if their audiences don’t like me or my message? What if they are not my soul client? Well, not anymore! (I paused from writing this post and recorded this facebook video b/c I felt that inspired!)

But seriously, your besties are going to support you no matter what! And you can asks them to share one of your links to boost that FB love and web link authority! And it’s even more amazing when you can reciprocate and share the love too!


(Check out these babes in alphabetical order: The Art of Self Care, Cozy Minimalism, The Recovering Perfectionist, Whole Self Health)

There you have it! My five soul filled tips for increasing reach on your Facebook Posts!

If you want to take action on this post, here’s a to-do list to help you.

  1. Choose one of your favorite blog posts, service, offer, freebies (WHATEVER)

  2. Brainstorm four ways you can share this link on your page.

    • Let the weblink auto-populate the image from your site and write a story or quote some lines from your post.

    • Add a probing question, paste a link and upload a giph/photo.

    • Go Live and talk about the content (lessons you learned, how your life has improved) and place the link in the description or the comments.

    • Use a large format image (735x1102) list out the key learnings/actions/quotes from your link or whatever feels right!

  3. Schedule the post onto your page (don’t forget to mark them off in your handy dandy FB Content Planner), post the link with the new image/video/story

  4. Track the results week on week. Did the Reach grow? Did you get more click? What content type did the best?

Now tell me, what’s your current reach on your facebook links, and do you have any fears/energy blocks when you do share your links?