Why You should start a Facebook Group to Grow Your Business

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There are 2+ BIllion active people on Facebook. Yes, you read that right, two billion. That’s nine zeros. And half of those people are in Facebook Groups. 😱

Whether you’re attracting your soul clients with your Facebook Page or your Instagram account, you can create a deeper connection with your very own Facebook Group! The privacy and exclusivity of a group can get your members sharing their current struggles and make you the GO TO for all of their needs.

Six reasons to start and launch your Facebook Group for your soulpreneur business so you can maximize and profit #FacebookTips #FacebookGroups #Socialmedia

What is a Facebook group?

Neil Patel says, “Groups are Facebook communities centered around a cause, idea, or theme.”

Personally, I have a group with my Family, friends from college, friends from Australia, and now accountability groups with my other business babes.

Groups are better than communicating over email, text messages, and Facebook pages because not only can everyone post/share their thoughts and questions, but you’re the leader of the pack!

Which is why Groups have become very popular amongst online businesses. Once someone enrolls into your course, you can communicate with your buyers by adding them all to a group! Making it easy for them to ask questions, for you to host live classes, and create a connection you thought was only available in real life.

But even more enticing, Free Closed Groups are the cozy airbnb that creates authentic connection and resources for your clients.

What’s the difference between Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook Page

I’m a firmly believe that your Facebook Page should be about your soul client. Facebook pages that attract your soul clients make it easy for them to wave your flag and share your content maximizing your reach without spending money on ads.

The content you share here is the dream - what their lives look like after their problem is solved. Anything they like or share from your page is visible to their friends, family, and coworkers. So it’s a big deal that what you post represents who they are!

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Facebook Group

Facebook groups provide help for people who need support, encouragement, and advice about your topic. If your group is closed, and I definitely recommend you make a closed group, your members now have a safe place on the internet with likeminded people to ask questions or talk about their favorite subject! They breathe easy knowing that uncle Brian isn’t reading their rant in the Facebook Group about the last family reunion.

The comfort and safety of being a close community drives connection and engagement!

Groups also have rules or guidelines that explain what is acceptable behavior, reasons someone will get kicked out, and most importantly what is types of post are permitted. Groups that enforce the rules are my favorite because it adds an extra layer privacy and security in knowing that the Group owner has my back.

Who can create a Facebook Group?

If you have a personal profile you can create a group in two steps:

Step 1. Create a group from one or two methods
Click the “create” link on the top of your Facebook Page (in the blue bar)
Go to Groups on your left sidebar and then click “create.”

Step 2. Name Your Group, add a trusted person who loves your group topic, and choose your privacy settings.

Create a Facebook Group using your personal profile. #facebookgroup #socialmedia #facebooktips

If you have a Facebook page, you can create a group from your page

Step 1. Click on the ellipsis button under your cover photo > Click Create Group

Step 2. Name your group, add yourself, and choose your privacy settings

Creating a group from your page will link your group and page together! This is good!

How to create a Facebook Group from a Facebook page. #socialmedia #facebookgroups #facebooktips

Six reasons to start a Facebook Group for your heart-first business

Personal connection

Let’s face it, as online soulpreneurs, running a business from home gets lonely! Sometimes we are creating and sharing and it feels like we’re talking to a concrete wall. But once you begin to grow your Facebook group, not only do you find people who share the same passion and interests as you, but you’ll find that they love to talk!

Whether it’s you who is adding value by answering a simple question or they’re responding to one of your live videos, you begin to see there’s an actual human on the other side of wifi signal who wants to chat!

This allows you to make an impact and feel like you’re not so alone after all.

A word of caution

Be cautious in how much time you’re spending in your group. Take a note from Caitlin Bacher, and put a time limit to how much time you’re spending in your group. It can quickly become a time suck preventing you from growing your business. Instead spend 15-20 minutes to engage, share, and add value.

Understand Your Ideal Clients Problems

Most people looking for community are looking for support and advice to be a better version of themselves! They have real problems that they haven’t found answers to anywhere else on the internet. So they join your group and want to ask YOU.

Keep track of their problems, small and large, and use their questions as a guide to help cultivate your next product or course.

Create a safe community for your Members

When someone interacts in a closed group, they immediately have the peace of mind in knowing that they can speak freely and comfortably. Which allows them to be as vulnerable and honest as they can want. They don’t have to worry about their evil coworker lurking or if their questions about clutter will be seen by their friends or family - especially the judgey/gossipy fam members.

Great examples of safe communities about spirituality are:

Lacy’s Manifestation Secret Society

Human Design With Jenna Zoe

Manifest This Soul Circle

Showcase your knowledge & Build Trust

Since REAL people are asking for help to solve their very REAL problems, a Facebook Group can prove that you’re knowledgeable, trustworthy and a reliable support. You’re not just a person behind a blog, but yow show up as a teacher with an arsenal of tricks and resources.

Once you have that trust, your top fans will want more of what you have to offer. The key is to help them, but also to drive desire in your products. Whether that’s a coaching session or to access for your high priced course or products.

Always share valuable content and ask yourself if the content you’re sharing REALLY helps people about the topic.

I personally love the way that Kimi Kinsey shares her talents with her group Hexagon Connection for Entrepreneurs Group. She gives honest and in depth feedback about running your own business, feedback on your pinterest strategy and pin design, and so much more. Which made it an easy decision for me to buy her Get Pinned Course.

Grow your email list

We all know that an email list is the perfect way to have that continued 1:1 connection with your soul client, use your Facebook Groups to grow your list by sharing your best lead magnets!

I highly recommend creating one or two pieces of exclusive content that drives the exclusivity of the group - this may even be as simple as a discount code or creating challenges once or twice a year!

One of my favorite tips is offering a lead magnet when they request to join your group. Adding group questions as a prerequisite allows you to
a) understand why they want to join / or the problem they need help solving
b) what they want to get out your group
c) is an opportunity to get them on your list by offering them an a swanky one-time lead magnet that they will only get in this group.

From there, you can add them to a Convertkit sequence that introduces you, your expertise, and offers them other valuable resources that they need on their journey!


Facebook Answer extractor

Copy FB Group Answers. Paste into a Google Sheet. Click The FB Group Extractor & BOOM! Answers are saved + members are added to your list!

Share your content

Your blogs, podcasts, and whatever content you create should have many lives. A Facebook group is another place you can give your posts life, which is why you should share your content at least 2-3x a week!

I like to share content not only from my Facebook Page, but also my best blog posts, and my favorite tools.

Tips for your heart centered Facebook Group

Always share from the heart. Always come from a place of gratitude and love- aka show up as your Authentic self. Learn about your soul clients and help them on their journey to solve their problems. When you come from a space of love you’ll notice a shift in the vibration and energetically feel a sense of calm making it easy for members to contribute.

Have you ever started a Facebook group? How did it help your soul business?