How To Remove Creative Blocks In Your Heart-Centered Business

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At one point (or many points) in your business, you will experience a block. Like cement being poured through every part of your creativity making it absolutely impossible to let the colors and magic from your soul to come out.

And you may have already spent hours in front of your computer waiting for the cement to break apart or maybe it’s just at the drying stage, and you feel the ideas slowly coming to a halt. But when this happens, I don’t want you to feel upset. There’s nothing wrong with you, it happens to all of us, and you can overcome it!

How to get unstuck in your heart-centered business and start creating content with ease! #creativity #facebook #content

You are experiencing a creative block, which is preventing all of your beauty and passion to make it to your hands so you can type or write, or your throat so you can speak.

But I don’t want you to feel stuck. I want you to see this as an opportunity to access your magic and blasting the cement away.

Reasons why creative blocks happen

There are many reasons why creative blocks happen, but most likely the culprits are:

  1. You have been working too hard

  2. You have been working too hard on the wrong thing

  3. You feel burdened by perfectionism

  4. You are paralyzed by comparison

  5. Fear

So next time you’re feeling stuck, or before you start on a new project, try this tip to remove the creative blocks so you can let your soul flow out of you like your favorite song.

What to do when you’re feeling stuck

If you fear that all the content you are creating sounds the same, that you are not good enough, or there’s just something inside of you resisting any movement forward, I want you to close your eyes and take three long deep breaths.

And keep breathing until you find a sense of calm inside of you.

When you feel that ease settle into your muscles and you begin to relax, ask yourself why you are resisting. And whatever comes up, feel the crap out of that (limiting belief, bad experience, fear, everything/anything), then imagine a white light cleansing you. As you believe with all of your heart that the energy keeping you stuck will be released, I want you to say,

Even though I have this (state the belief), I acknowledge it’s no longer working for me. I release this belief into the universe.

Repeat this three times with the vision of white light clearing this energy from your mind, body, and soul. Then breathe out and thank yourself for acknowledging your needs.

After this, I sage myself and my home, as a way to honor my new space and clarity that I’ve created in my body. It feels so damn good!

And after that I usually have to get some exercise in to really get my creative powerhouse flowing- this can look like going for a long walk, dancing to my favorites, and just running around being silly with some good loving friends!

If that’s not your jam, trying sitting on the grass, touch a tree, walk barefoot on the ground - all great ways to get grounded and feel those earthy vibes.

Tell me how do you get unstuck and clear your mind so you can share your truth?