Why and How to Repurpose Your Work So You Can Attract Your Soul Clients.

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When I used to work for the man, one of the first things I learned was to repurpose content. It just seemed so natural (and obvious) that recreating the same piece of content to fit in multiple ad spaces was the right way to go. Right? And also saying the same thing five different ways, also made sense!

But when I first started my online business, I just didn’t understand how to do it. My brain couldn’t compute, it was like a crane fell across the 405 in LA causing the freeway and all side streets to shut down. People were just leaving their car on the roads and highways just so they could eat and pee. (This actually happened in 2007.)

Somewhere between being a director of media and starting my own business all rational and business knowledge left my body and I was helpless. So, if you’re having a hard time repurposing content, I get it!! And I want to help you clear that crane from the freeway, and get traffic flowing, so you can put your convertible top down and listen to Sheryl Crow’s Santa Monica Boulevard on max. (just kidding, roll down that window and blast Thank You, Next!)

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Why you need to repurpose content.

As heart-centered businesswomen, we need to realize that our creativity is unique! When you are in flow, the true magic from the universe is downloaded from your soul and manifested into words via regular conversations with friends, blog posts, podcasts, videos and more. And these very extraordinary words, need to be heard as many times by as many people as possible. This is the gift you share with the world. Everything as simple as one word, to a book about your life, is meaningful and precious because it was created by you.

Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.” Elizabeth Gilbert #Big Magic (Click To Tweet)

This is why you must recreate, repurpose, and repeat your content as many times as is possible. Plus, our soul clients are in a space where they need to hear the same bit of advice or information over and over again, in a thousand different ways, until one way finally hits their heart and wakes them up!

Personally, I needed to hear the words “what’s authentic for you,” an endless amount of times, by different podcasts, different people (Lacy Phillips, Jenna Zoe, Sahara Rose, Brianna Rose, and 10 other people) and it took years, for my brain to be like - Wait? What people say about me-isn’t true? My brain is not in charge? I need to do what feels right in my body? I don't have to do it like everyone else? And do the things that light me up? And one day, it all culminated into one huge thunderbolt that shocked me back into breathing and that’s when I created The Soulcial Design.

Repeat your messages, like your favorite song you’ve listened to a million times back-to-back. Repeat it until each of your soul clients begin to wake up and are ready to receive your energy and pay you for it! Repeat it even when there’s no one listening or responding because I promise you one day they will be listening and they will respond. And you’ll be so grateful that you didn’t stop and you kept going and all it took was you to say the words that are true for you over and over again.

How we recreate content is by purely by doing.

When I wasn’t living true to my authentic self, I found myself doubting and dismissing my words even before they went up on the internet. The fear that someone could judge me, or the fear of not making sense, fear of not being profound enough, fear people would think I was stupid (and this was the sweet stuff) kept me small. And I would never reread my posts, and they just sat up on my blog dying slowly in the ether of the world wide web.

It took me about a year and a half before I had enough courage to reread my blog posts. I was incredibly surprised that my words actually made sense, but most importantly there was so much truth between every line, and that means it’s apart of me.

And at that moment I had so much respect for myself that I could I break down my words and repurpose the content (aka my soul’s work) and share it on my Facebook page every day!

How to create (at the minimum) 12 pieces of repurposed content from one blog post.

Use the headers (h1, h2, h3, or any bolded content) to make a list.
If your Blog post is about five yoga poses that release stress. In an image or video, list the five poses with video or images. Check out this example

Pull a quote from your blog post and put it on a photo.
This can be your own quote or a quote that perfectly fits the piece of content you created. Like this photo.

From the list of topics you discuss in your blog post, choose one item to expand on in a photo, video, or as a Facebook Live.
Going back to the yoga example, you can go in-depth into one of the yoga poses, each of its benefits and common mistakes. And then continue to expand on all of them.

Share your story as it relates to a blog post!
Or maybe you can expand on it. If your business, purpose, is all about deepening your practice with yoga, you can share how these five poses made a profound impact to why you practice yoga every day, how you feel when you don’t have them, and more.

This can be done in writing accompanying any type of posts or on its own. Or you can use it in a pre-recorded video or Facebook live.

Copy and Paste a portion of the blog post you are sharing with a link.
I do this all the time when my creative juices aren’t flowing, but it’s beneficial when I just need to post something quickly.

Use questions that you may ask in the blog post and turn them into engagement questions that your soul client also wonder about.
This is a fantastic way to get right to the root of the problem and connect with your people.

Recreate the same posts with a different background or use a different title or quote in the image or video.
I do this all the time, and it appears to everyone who follows me like there’s new content. It’s actually all the same. tee-hee!

Combine the main point of a blog post with a Giphy
Giphs stand out in the feed because there is movement in the image which draws attention to a post.

Use your personal photos and share a personal story
A hero’s journey or just connecting in any way that is true for you.

If you’ve written out instructions on how to do something, make a video tutorial
I used this method a lot because somethings are better watched.

And of course, you combine any of the above methods with Testimonials!
It’s quite important that you continue to show people what’s possible for them when they work with you!

Take questions your readers have asked on any of your blog posts (or anywhere on the web) and ask people what advice they would give this person.
Again, you can ask on a FB Live, in a video, photo, or just as a status.

All in all, because there are so many ways to deliver content (photo, status, video, facebook live, as a question) and mix and match it with different parts of your message - you can literally make 50 posts from one idea. It’s crazy!!!

What to do when you’re feeling stuck in your business.

You are a light force

Seriously, you are! And every time you share your message (even if it’s the same message) you’ll begin to shine brighter, grow your confidence, and connect with beautiful people who need you in their lives! This is how we change the vibration of the earth.

And if you just don’t work this way, because your gifts are just so unique, let’s talk through a plan that makes you feel supported and share your message in a way that works for you!

Now tell me! Have you been able to repurpose content? If so, share the links and content below! I would love to see how you recreate and reshare your downloads!