Seeds of Balance Is Live On Squarespace


Seeds of Balance hired me to do her website redesign and all she wanted was a modern gorgeous website to share and attract her ideal audience.

While I was working with Irit on her Facebook Page Growth Plan, it became clear that she was hesitant to send anyone to her website.

After getting to know her and her passion to help women overcome emotionally eating, I couldn’t wait to redesign her website on Squarespace.

She didn’t know what she wanted, but she did know she wanted something that reflected her style and would attract her ideal client.

I used the Moksha Template on Squarespace.

I LOVE my new website. I have lamented over this website years! I felt so overwhelmed and stuck.  My first website was a template I received from a certification program for free. After a year I had to break out on my own and I literally freaked. I created an amateur weebly website that was horrible! I was embarrassed to share my website with anyone and for years just pretended it did not exist.  When I reached out to a few website designers for an estimate, I realized I will never be able to afford a nice competitive website.  Professionals told me my website did not matter and I did not need a nice website to attract clients. 

 I know I am a great coach but I am not a great website designer and was totally intimidated.  I did hire a few cheap designers to give my website a facelift and I know I had a generic slightly more “modern”  site that did not represent my style or personality at all.   Sometimes it is not the website itself but how you feel about it. If you are stuck emotionally and vibrationally in a website you are not proud of or does not represent you, it reflects how you feel about your whole business. I felt limited in my ability to reach people and make a difference.

I now ADORE my website. It is elegant, clean, simple straightforward and makes a powerful statement. Working with Yazzi was effortless.  She took charge and was not afraid to make the necessary changes. She is highly intuitive and motivated by the energy of the client and the message they want to spread to the world. She is guru in Squarespace. I highly recommend working with her. Best investment I made in my business hands down! 

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A modern gorgeous website on Squarespace for Seeds of Balance #modern #gorgeous #squarespace