The Energy Oasis Is Live On Squarespace


Susan is a Self Care Coach who was looking for a unique modern and relaxing website. She wanted a website that her ideal audience would find energizing and helpful so they can tackle their day.

After working with Susan for several months, her courageous and warm presence drew me to the Sonoran Template in Squarespace. Perfect to draw and create the sense of peace on the internet.

When I came to see Yazzi, my website was an eyesore.  I felt stuck with a site that felt nothing like me/ my brand/ what I wanted to share with the Universe.

What totally surprised me was how quickly she put my heart, soul and voice into a website that was beautiful and totally felt like me.  It was remarkable how she was able to speak in my voice, to the women I'm serving. Almost immediately I felt I had a partner I could fully trust, and that oh-so-common feeling that new biz owners have - that they're all on their own - dissipated.   Yazzi quickly became my go to person for all things marketing and tech.  She's a dream come true.  

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The Energy Oasis is live on Squarespace with a modern and custom website for a Self Care Coach. The Soulcial Design #modern #custom #squarespace