The Legit Way to Enable Rich Pins On Squarespace

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Alright y’all! We all know that Pinterest can blow up your traffic. And more traffic means that the person you are meant to help can find YOU! Which gives you an opportunity to change their life!

Yaaaas! This gives me all-of-the-feels!

Which, is why I wanted to create this step-by-step guide to ensure ALL of your Squarespace website’s Richness is found by Pinterest!

An easy tech-tutorial that will guide you step-by-step to enable Rich Pins on your Squarespace Blog #RichPins #squarespace #PinterestTips

What & Why of rich pins?

In the most simplest forms, Rich Pins allow Pinterest to classify your content into four buckets which are: App, Product, Recipe, or Article.

Plus, the combo of verifying your site with Pinterest and enabling Rich Pins gives Pinterest the heads up to prioritize content that comes from your own website. Wooh!

In this blog post, we will be specifically be going over how to enable Rich Pin Articles for Squarespace.

What are Signs of a Rich Pin Article?

You can see in the example below all the elements that make up a rich pin. A non-rich pin, has a title and a blog excerpt, but often time you won’t see the ‘Written By’ and the ‘image alt text,’ which are huge for SEO purposes!

  • Blog Post Title

  • Blog Excerpt

  • Blog Post Author

  • Image Alt Text

This is what a rich pin looks from squarespace! Blog Post Title, Blog Excerpt, Author, and Image Alt Text are included in Rich Pins from Squarespace.

Now that you know why rich pins are important, let’s get your pins enabled!

Just in case, your business name and favicon should be updated on squarespace

Login into Squarespace> Menu> Design> Logo & Title

  • Ensure your Site Name is Correct

  • Scroll down to Favicon: Upload your Favicon

Write a blog post or update an existing one with the following Rich Pins Checklist!

(to get a Free download of this checklist, check out the end of this post!)

Include at least one pinnable image

  • The best size in pixels is 735px1102 and no bigger than 735x2004 (otherwise it will be cut-off on mobile)

Add Alt text to all images on your post

  • How? underneath your photo, there will be an area to write a caption, your alt text should be entered there.

  • Don’t forget to use SEO keywords and hashtags to make it even more attractive to Pinterest and Google

  • If you don’t have that option, hover over the image> click the edit button> click the design tab> go to the drop down menu> select ‘show caption.’

  • I like to hide captions after I update the image, but do YOU boo!

Next, include a blog excerpt!!

  • In the Blog Post settings (go to your blog page> click on a blog post> click edit> go to the options tab > and fill in the Blog Excerpt box on the bottom

  • This is another great spot for SEO keywords

  • Don’t forget to hit that beautiful Save & Publish button

update your metadata in your blog settings

  1. Go to your Blog Page> Click on the cog to go to the Blog Settings> fGo to the Advanced Tab

  2. Scroll down to Page header code injection

  3. Copy the code below and paste into the code injection box. Don’t forget to update “Your Name” and “Your Site”

  4. Note, that you only need to complete this task ONCE!

<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
<meta property="article:author" content=" Your Name | Your Site" />

Update your Pinterest account to Business Manager

  1. If you haven’t, create an account OR Login to your Pinterest account

  2. Go to your settings> Change Your Account to Business Manager

  3. Update Your Profile

Validate your Website

  1. Add your website link> Click Validate

    1. Copy the code

    2. Open a new tab or window> Go to Your Squarespace Home Menu> Settings> Advanced> Paste code in Header section > Hit Save

    3. Go back to Pinterest> Click Validate

Get Your Rich Pin On!!

  1. Go to the Rich Pins Validator

  2. Copy the URL of a Published Blog post (that has followed the checklist above) > Click Validate

  3. Pinterest will then ask you to Apply for Rich Pins

  4. It may take up to a few days or as little as 10 minutes for you Rich Pin status to get approved!

  5. Once you get the OK, Double Check that your URL, Site Name, and Favicon are showing correctly!

Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom You are Now Pinning Rich!

If you have enabled rich pins on your squarespace website, have you noticed an increase in reach on your account?