6 Tips to Make Your Squarespace Website Look Like A Million Bucks

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The absolute worst feeling about starting your biz is comparison.

Comparing yourself to people who have been doing it for years, or comparing it to people who have invested at least four dollar signs into hiring a design team, copywriter, and more to get their business going. And then there’s comparing my personal gig to my corporate gig-everything needs to be perfect as if I’m a business of 300 people all working to make me a success 🙄.

When really, the core of my business is to make an impact and change lives.

And of course, we want everything to be flawless (come on, I’m human), but some of us don’t have the resources, time or the skills to be polished from the get-go. Instead, I like to stare at websites and allow my inner bitch reconfirm what I already believe.

“You are kidding yourself! Do you actually think you can have a website that looks this good?”

“Like you have the time or money to create something like this!”

“You are never going to make it.”

What a “see-you-next-Tuesday!”

Now after starting two businesses and making a handful of websites, I see that I did it all wrong. Like more wrong than the hair wave that was oh so popular in the 80’s.



[eeek, we do not need that coming back any time soon.]

But seriously, I went about building my first business all wrong because of comparison and limiting beliefs.

Top Limiting Beliefs:

  • the only way I will appear legit is by having headshots

  • a brand style guide

  • professional logo

  • and all the things a blogger says we should have to build a business

But you don’t have to!!! You can start with much less, no premo designed logo or photos needed to bring in dolla dolla bills yall.

And when you MAKE money, you can invest in someone to create your brand exactly how you envisioned it.

Besides, if you were to pay the money upfront to make it look finished, you may find that your business changed from its inception. But because you (I) decided to pay $1k for logos, colors, patterns, fonts, and your (my) business evolved and that it actually doesn’t fit your (my) brand anymore- you (I) feel like you are (I’m) stuck because you (I) spent all of this money. Yep, this is a story about me.

Here’s how you can prevent wasting thousands of dollars, and upgrade your squarespace website for free to make it look too legit to quit!! Are you ready?


Unsplash is by far my favorite website to get free stock images. High end, high quality and a wide variation of photos for every niche.

The key is to use pictures with the same look and within the same color palette. I am not great at being matchy-matchy, but man it does make a huge difference when you are working with HD pics!!

Also don’t take your business so literal! Just because you work with computers, doesn’t mean every picture has to be a computer. Spice it up! Use pictures of computers, people, notepads, get out there and use landscape pics too!

TSD FAVS: Free stock photo websites


Are you a design student, or a creative genius? I didn’t think so, because neither am I! But I do know when fonts tickle my fancy. How do you find fonts for your headers and body that go together without hiring a designer??

  • Go to Pinterest>Search> “website fonts Squarespace” Keep searching until you find 2-3 font sets that are all the way your vibe. Afterward, test them on your site or try them with your mood board. This is way better than having to do the work yourself.

  • You could also, download the Chrome Extension “WhatFont” and begin to scour websites, but trust me, it takes forever. You will be endlessly searching for not much progress because many sites import their own fonts. Let your future designer do that for you and stick with the fonts that are already in Squarespace.


Make it easy for your future clients and students. Don’t make them click on twenty different pages before they arrive on your services, tell them straight up what you do and how to buy your course or hire you.

Oh but we’re unique and funny and want our personality to shine through every sentence

BUT it’s not going to help you move the needle and sell. Instead of trying to be cute or smart, be straightforward and clear.

For example, when I started TSD, I named my menu: Guided, Nourished, Aligned, spoiler alert, NO ONE GOT IT!!! It made such a difference, once I changed it and used normal human words like…

  • Menu and Page names should be clear:

    Page Names: About or My Story | Services or Work With Me | Shop | Contact | Blog or Musings | Course(s) | Legal | Resources | Free

  • Your Call-To-Actions also need to be easy to understand

    Buttons: Click Here | Download Your Free (Blank)| Book/Schedule Your Call | Share your Story | Post A Comment | Get Access to the (blank) Now | Sign Up for Weekly (Blank) Tips | Join the Facebook Group | Like the Facebook Page


The standard Squarespace favicon looks like the pic below. Yawn!! Right? Upload a square PNG file and instantly make your site a destination, instead of a dull traffic light!

  • must be legible as a 10x10 png

  • if you use letters, only use one letter

  • if you use an image, focus in on one small object in the image

  • do not overcomplicate it!

Update your website design and replace thes free squarespace favicon

“I’m a boring cube”



A lot of websites use icons, graphics, and small images to help clarify their messages or offers. It adds another layer of personality and ease for your future client/student.

  • icons8.com - Free as long as you give them credit!!

  • Creative Market - every week Creative Market curates four/five free downloads from fonts to templates and sometimes icons. But you can also find them for as cheap as $5. So worth it! (FYI: this is an affiliate link).

These Free Icons from Creative market say: “skyrocket your mobile traffic, get organized, and get shit done.”



More than anything, keep your design simple, your colors and fonts minimal, and don’t look at other websites because it’s going to keep you in comparison lane. Right behind the big rig, sandwiched between the teenage driver and the granny car. You will be so stuck and paralyzed you will never see the exit coming!!

burrrrrrump burrrump
(that’s me making the sound of a big rig horn).

There you have it, SIX tips that will make your website look like a million bucks! Implement these small changes and your website will go from dump to five-star hotel. Plus, you will shut up that inner bitch for good!!

What qualities do you think make a website look profesh? Tell me in the comments below!