The Secret To Sharing And Growing Your Message On Instagram!

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I’m going to say this loud and proud. I haven’t been active on Instagram-in any capacity-personal life or business. Somewhere between living in Australia, and totally not living my life to the fullest, I became overwhelmed with guilt and shame and my self worth plummeted faster than your stomach on a roller coaster.

But, even if I don’t participate, post, or give my friends photos and videos a few hearts, I can see how Instagram can work for you when you are aligned with your message. When you understand your energy and show up in a way that lights you up, use these six tips to grow your Instagram organically.

Growing your Instagram account is easy as long as it’s aligned to your energy and your message. Use these six tips to amplify thema and connect to your soul clients. #instagram #socialmedia #marketing

But before we get into them, I want to caveat these tips with a vital message.

Only do what feels right for you!

In anything you do, notice if what you’re doing actually feels right for you. If you feel exhausted by Instagram even before you start then most tips and hacks won’t work for you! If you know your human design type, tap into your authority!

I am a Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority. This means, it’s essential for me to respond to what excites me, but I need to wait for my emotional wave to pass through. This usually takes 24 hours to pass, and once it does, I know whether or not to pursue something.

Human design not your jam? Try cultivating an Insta feed that supports you and does not distract you! How do you do this?

  • Unfollow any and all accounts that trigger you. Who cares about follow for follow, only follow accounts that truly inspire you and make you feel good!

  • Remove any follower that limits you from posting as who you really are! (family, friends, frenemies, anyone who stops you from showing up)

  • Write a bio that reflects you and allows you to shine like the bright star you are!

  • If you start to feel that comparisonitis come through, ask yourself what is it about this person, what qualities do they have that I have? Is this a sign to level up? If they are truly triggering - go back to step 1. If they are an expander, someone who is like you, who is actually doing it!

Now that I’ve said my peace, let’s get to these tips shall we?

1. Know the Algorithm

Understand how the IG algorithm works. It prioritizes content in user's feeds based on:

  • interest (if the content is relevant to the user),

  • timeliness (if the content is recent),

  • and relationship (if the user interacts with this or similar content)

2. Post Relevant Content

Post relevant content (+ consistent content) that your audience wants to see. This means really understanding your ideal soul client and the types of things they want to interact with.

Note, your soul clients are probably YOU two to five years ago. So just tap into that version of you and share from that space.

3. Create a network of like minded individuals

Make a list of influencers + prominent accounts in YOUR niche that you think YOUR ideal audience would be following. Hop onto their pages, like and leave genuine comments.

Make a list of 3-4 people and engage every other day or so.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

Make a list of relevant hashtags in your niche/that your audience would be interested. For example, I know that my audience of spiritual woman/entrepreneurs is interested in #spiritualentrepreneur#soulpreneur#girlboss#bossbabetribe, etc. Pick two-three to focus on and go into the SEARCH function on Instagram and start liking and leaving genuine comments on posts in these tags.

5. Always reply

Engage with your current followers! If anyone comments on your posts, comment back with a meaningful reply. Go look at your "followers" list on your account and start going to their pages and liking/commenting their things. This 100% takes extra work but it is absolutely worth it to build GENUINE relationships.

6. Join an engagement pod

An engagement pod is a group DM chat on Instagram where when one person posts, everyone else in the group goes and leaves a comment).

Or you can run an engagement campaign, “share this post to your story + tag me, and I'll pick 5 winners for a card reading!” This tactic will supercharge your growth efforts, but make sure that the gift is specific to your ideal audience. A $10 gift card to starbucks will attract anyone, but if you’re giving away sage or a Tarot Reading, or anything super specific to what you offer, you’re likely to attract your soul clients!

Bonus. Up your Instagram story Game

I loved this tutorial from Canva that broke the Insta Story game down and guides you in using their templates to create your own!

My biggest takeaways from the article: Don’t forget to use filters, Gifs are a gold mine, Ask questions, highlight your favorites, and don’t forget to go live!

And that's it when it comes to growing your instagram account! Easy peasy, right?

The key here is: be genuine on Instagram. It's virtual networking, not just getting followers to come like your page. If you do it right, not only will your account grow consistently and organically, you'll attract ideal clients to you who are dying to work with you.

Alright who is on Instagram, what’s your @handle and what are your favorite tips for growing your Instagram account?