Tips to Stay Focused on Your Business without Getting Distracted by Social Media

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Are social media platforms distracting you from working on your business? You think, I’m just going to work, schedule my posts, visit a few groups, and then get off Facebook. Your intent is there, but man is that Algorithm SMART! It sucks you in like someone reading tarot cards, or watching your favorite entrepreneur give a motivational speech. You just can’t look away. You are stuck!

And deep down inside you know it’s a time suck. you know you should stop. You know that you have better things to do than read amazing stories in your favorite Facebook Group or watch another video of cute animals being adorable, or read another inspirational quote that hits you right in the gooiest and mushiests parts of you, but you just can’t!

Girlfriend, I get it!! I have been there and admittingly I still get wrapped in the vortex of all social media platforms. Don’t even get me started on Instagram because so many soulprenerus who are legit baring their hearts and tears makes me feel inspired AF!! And I can keep going for hours. Which is why I had to take a huge hiatus and am baring hitting the platform back w/ vengeance.

But back to the point here, Facebook! Here’s how I curbed my time with Facebook and stayed productive while still getting my kicks!

Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator for Chrome

First, if you’re not using chrome, please do yourself a favor and use it, it has so many features that most business owners need, like my Facebook Group Answer Extractor, that allows you to save your new member request answers AND connect them to your email system. But Chrome also has extensions like the Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator, that stops your Newsfeed from loading on your desktop!

This is the view of my current desktop

The Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator is my favorite way to stay productive and stop mindless scrolling when you’re working on your Business! #productivitytips #facebook #socialmedia

Wonderful!! right? From here, I just go to where I need to go, check on the soulcial design fb page, check in a few groups, and I’m out faster than you can set your intentions for the day! it’s that quick!

Block Any Site Extension for Chrome

Another great option, if you really need to stay off certain sites on your desktop is to add the Block Any Site Extension. It does exactly what it says in the name to increase your productivity and prevent you from going down the rabbit hole of

Okay, but what about on your phone? I need it!

Your phone is a bit trickier and requires you to be resilient! But here are my tricks when i’m doing work from my phone.

Download the Moment App

Any app that tracks your phone usage and buzzes at you to get off, is a keeper in my book. I love moment because you can set time limits when you’re using your phone. For security purposes you can’t single out any Apps, but how often are you on your phone because you are constantly doing work? I thought so.

Delete Your Facebook App All Together

Now, this one is not going to work for me because I get a lot of work with the Facebook App vs the Facebook Page App. There are so many features that I think are a necessary - like saved posts that I can use to schedule when I’m on the go, or to see the Pages Feed and see what pages I like are posting.

But deleting your app and only working from your Facebook Page app, will keep you on your toes and remove the mindless scrolling.

These four tips combined with my amazing natural abilities as a Manifesting Generator with Will Power has helped me stay focused and productive doing things that I love vs wasting my precious time on swiping up so much that my thumb may have arthritis! 🤣

Have you used any of these productivity techniques? If so let me know which one has worked wonders for you?