When we’ve been following other inauthentic tactics, it’s hard to think outside the box. Your business needs effective soulful strategies to be effective for attracting clients and customers.

Within a couple seconds of connecting with you, potential clients notice how you are showing up.

It’s vital that you embrace who you are and continue to show up 100%!

But if you have ever tried to update your copy, sell your products/services, or just show up on social media, you know how hard it is to show up, speak your truth, without the fear of being judged.

That’s where this clarity call comes in.

I’ll provide you clarity in whatever you’re trying to create for your business that is aligned to your soul and feels pure to you.


Here’s how the process looks like


We start with a little prep work. After booking your session, I’ll send you a shared Google Doc with some questions about your business goals, soul client, products and services, and analytics. This will give me better insight into what you’re trying to achieve and allow me to come up with a game plan before our call.


Then we’ll have a 90-minute Zoom chat to discuss the game plan for improving your project. I’ll provide you with actionable steps for the changes that need to be made along with helpful tools and resources to accomplish them. Don’t worry about hurrying to write everything down - I’ll create an outline ahead of time and share it with you so you can follow along as we go. Our call will also be recorded so you can refer back to it later.


And last but not least, I’ll follow up with a guide for activating your project. Guide specifics will vary by projects.


This package is for you if...

  • You have a clear direction and focus for your business, but aren't quite sure how to take it to the next level

  • The quality of your current online presence doesn't match up with who you are

  • You acknowledge that embracing who you are will attract the clients you want to work with

  • You're ready to invest time into building a beautiful soulful business

Session prices start at $297