Tool: Facebook Group Answer Extractor with Email Integration

Tool: Facebook Group Answer Extractor with Email Integration


finally there’s a tool for that! Capturing Facebook Group Member’s Answers is TEDIOUS! Now you can capture Your Facebook Group Answers, collect emails, and add people to your list in just seconds!


  • You have a growing Facebook Group

  • You want to capture your members pain points so you can create products that they actually want

  • You want to save hours growing your your group and your email list!

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How it Works

Step 1. Copy your Facebook Answers

Step 2. Paste them into a Google Chrome Sheet

Step 3. Click a button to extract the names and answers to your questions

Step 4. (Optional) Click a button to extract emails



Who is this tool for?

Anyone with a Facebook Group who wants to track their members answers and emails WITHOUT spending HOURS every single week doing data entry.

Do you need to know any coding or scripts to use this tool?

No, it's a done for you script, no coding necessary. Just copy member request answers and paste them into the Google Sheets document, and click on the format button!

Does it work for different Languages?

Unfortunately this is only if your Facebook Language is set in English

Does this work on Microsoft Excel or Apple Pages.

No, this tool is specifically for Google Sheets, which you can access from any computer that has the full version of Chrome installed.

Does not work on the app version of Google Sheets.

Can I Use it On my Phone?

To use the tool, you must use the Chrome Browser - Not the app.

But don't fret, you can access the answers and emails using your Google Sheets app on any device! Oh yeah!

Does it automatically approve members into my group?

No!! This tool only manages your group answers and emails. Per the directions, you copy the answers from facebook, paste them into the google sheet, and click the button. After you use The Magic Tool, go back into your Facebook Group Requests and click approve!

Does it extract the answers from Facebook?

No, you must copy the answers from Facebook, paste the Answers into the Google Sheet with the Magic Tool installed, and then click the button to extract the content.

Can I get a refund after purchasing the the Facebook Extractor?

All sales are final, no refunds are permitted.