squarespace website redesign

Growing your facebook is about growing a community around your message and talking to the people who want/need the changes you offer! #authenticallygrowfacebook thesoulcialdesign.com

When I came to see Yazzi, my website was an eyesore.  I felt stuck with a site that felt nothing like me/ my brand/ what I wanted to share with the Universe.

What totally surprised me was how quickly she put my heart, soul and voice into a website that was beautiful and totally felt like me.  It was remarkable how she was able to speak in my voice, to the women I'm serving. Almost immediately I felt I had a partner I could fully trust, and that oh-so-common feeling that new biz owners have - that they're all on their own - dissipated.   Yazzi quickly became my go to person for all things marketing and tech.  She's a dream come true.  

susan | theenergyoasis.com